Best Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia

Once again, AikenAdventures crossed another state line into Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is well known for its charming town, art, period architecture, boutiques, and haunted ghost stories and being draped with Spanish moss. Fresh seafood comes straight from the coast. Named “one of the worlds friendliest cities,” this is a coastal town on the East Coast. It is known for it’s rich history. Today we will go over Aiken Adventures visit to Savannah, Georgia and what they found to be the best things to do there.

            1.         Historic District

            2.         Candy Shops

            3.         Pirate’s House

            4.         Leopold’s Ice Cream

            5.         Hop on, Hop off Tour

            6.         Forsyth Park

            7.         B&D Burgers

            8.         Prohibition Museum

            9.         Paula Deen Lady & Sons Restaurant

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Best Things to do in Savannah, Georgia

Historic District

            The historic district is the best part of Savannah to experience the history, architectural structure and views of River Street, Savannah. You can take a tour or a carriage ride to see this area of Savannah, but the best way to see it all is by foot. That way you don’t miss anything. Down on River Street, the road is unique, made of cobblestones and pavers. The waterfront view is idyllic and you can walk up and down the Savannah River, while stopping into shops and restaurants along the way. Or you can take a riverboat cruise, one with an all you can eat buffet. You could also do a sunset cruise and enjoy the beautiful sunset along the river. Also, you can take the free river ferry which can transport you to the Westin Hotel to Waving Girl Landing.

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Candy Shops

            The candy shops are wonderful in Savannah. They often give out free samples of their delicious, homemade candies. One of their popular desserts are the pralines (best eaten while warm!).

Pirate House Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia

Pirate’s House

            Pirate’s House is a restaurant that was once where the Trustees Garden was first located, before it became a residential area. Being a seaside town, it became an inn for sailors, and being only a block from the docks, a common meeting place for pirates. In 1945, the Savannah Gas Company acquired it and the president of the company’s wife saved it from demolition and refurbished it. She saved it for the modern restaurant it is today. It has several dining rooms, each with a different theme that kids are sure to enjoy. The gift shop upstairs is a great place to pick up souvenirs for the kiddos or yourself. There are even rumors of ghosts, by old and current employees and tenants.

Leopold’s Ice Cream

            Leopold’s Ice Cream is a mainstay in Savannah. Known for its awesome ice cream, it is also known for its extremely long lines and wait time. But Aiken Adventures seemed to think it was worth the wait!

Hop On Hop Off Tour

            The Hop On Hop Off Tour is convenient as it shows you the rich history of Savannah. You can get off when you want and explore and get back on another tour when you’re ready to continue. You can go through the colonial district which still has houses in the colonial style. This tour is a particularly handy way for people with kids to see a lot of historic Savannah because they don’t have to walk as much.

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Forsyth Park

            Forsyth Park is known for its white water fountain but also for its large playground. This large city park in the historic district occupies 30 acres. Paved paths, lush trees and gorgeous azaleas can be seen in the park. Besides the walking paths, there is a Fragrant Garden for the Blind, tennis courts, basketball courts, places for soccer and frisbee, and is the home field for the Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Team. Also, it sometimes has public concerts. There is even a small Leopold’s Ice cream there, with much shorter lines and wait times.

B&D Burgers

            B&D Burgers has a couple of locations in the Historic District, some quite close to each other. Open in Savannah for over 20+ years, they are known for tasty favorites such as their burgers, chicken sandwiches, and Buffalo Chicken Dip. They have Bingo and Trivia Nights there as well. An awesome place to stop for a great meal at any one of their four locations!

Prohibition Museum

            The Prohibition Museum is one of the #1 museums in Georgia. Spanning back from a time in the 1920’s, it remembers a time when alcohol was illegal and gangsters and bootleggers were common. See information on BIlly Sunday, an evangelist that lambasted those who broke the law of prohibition, or see all about Carrie Nation, a temperance leader, who wielded a hatchet and was known to go into bars and chopped them up.

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Paula Deen Lady and Sons Restaurant

            Finally, you must go visit the Paula Deen Lady and Sons Restaurant. Known for it’s family sharing style dinner, you get delicious, homestyle Southern cooking. Family style dinner consists of sharing 2-3 meets and sides with endless refills of the sides. There are yummy cheese biscuits that will melt in your mouth. Definitely make a plan to visit this restaurant! Dining room is on the third floor!


            Whether you want to immerse yourself in the architecture or rich history of Savannah, Georgia, or eat at one of their delicious dining establishments, you will find plenty to do in Savannah. There is too much to do and see in just one video or article, but hopefully, these will point out some of the highlights for you. Get ready to plan your trip to Savannah and enjoy!

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