Gatorland Orlando, Florida

Gatorland |Orlando, Florida

What’s more Florida than spending the day with thousands alligators? Gatorland is a theme park that’s dedicated entirely to alligators. It’s located in Orlando and has been around since 1949. They have hundreds of alligators on display and thousands more in the wild that are ready to be adopted (if you’re brave enough).

You can also see shows featuring alligators doing tricks, or just watch them swim around their tanks. You can even get up close with them in their habitat!

There are also tons of other cool things to do at Gatorland—you can ride a train through an alligator swamp, or get an airboat tour through the Everglades. You can even go on an airboat ride through an alligator-filled swamp!

But if you’re not feeling up for that type of adventure, there are plenty of other activities available at Gatorland: take a trip through their reptile house and check out snakes and lizards from around the world; go zip-lining over one of their lakes; take a boat ride through their wildlife preserve; watch tortoises race each other…the list goes on!


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