We recently wrote an article about our favorite, best deals for Florida family travel, and there was a lot of interest surrounding the topic, but I realize that this doesn’t answer the all-important question, “What about Disney?”

Let’s face it, Disney World is not known for its affordability. In fact, it has drawn the ire of families and fans everywhere as the prices to continue to rise and there seems to be less magic for more money.

We’ve noticed that when our friends with children visit Florida, they make a beeline for Orlando (and don’t even stop by to see us, by the way—it’s okay, we’re not a whole lot bitter about that), and they sometimes send us a message asking us for our best Disney advice.

Our goal at AikenAdventures, however, is to help you out, so here is the very simple advice that we give our friends!


If you’re making plans to head to Disney, it is worth it to sign up for the Disney Chase Visa. You can earn up to a $300 Statement Credit after qualifying purchases. This initial $300 could actually go a long way to helping you cut some of the costs of the trip, so it is worthy of consideration. Additionally, we have benefited greatly from accumulating points on the card and using the resulting rewards to help pay for food in the parks, which we all know can be a little pricey, and if you must, you may also use the rewards for the purchase of merchandise—we see you there with those sequin Minnie ears….

Just click this referral link to sign-up:


All the true Disney fans and pass holders know this trick—use your Target Red Card to purchase Disney gift cards at a discounted rate. You can then use the gift cards to help pay for park tickets or passes. Although, as I understand, there may be limit on the amount which you can charge to gift card for the tickets, so just know that in advance. I think the best bargain is to use these discounted gift cards for in-park purchases and to purchase discounted tickets from the next tip…


Same tickets—just for less. Unfortunately, Disney passes and tickets rarely, if ever “go on sale.” They were running a special back during the pandemic for Florida residents only, but this is an estreme rarity and was probably birthed out of sheer desparation.

Consider then, purchasing your tickets form, and you’ll save the most when you bundle all your Orlando theme park tickets (Including Disney, Universal, Seaworld, Legoland, Busch Gardens, and more!) with your hotel or resort stays, and your car rental!

A travel agent recommended to us years ago for our honeymoon, and we have enjoyed the company ever since. Their website is also filled with helpful Disney World, Florida, and Orlando travel information, AND they also offer discounts for tickets to the California parks as well, so for all of our California friends, you’re also welcome!

Rent an RV from RVshare


Stay on Disney property at a steeply discounted rate with

Full-disclosure, has sponsored AikenAdventures videos, but we recommend them because they offer a quality service. The way that their service works is that Disney Vacation Club timeshare owners sell their unused points to you through! If you go to the website and sign-up for their e-mail newsletter, you will regularly get updates on deals and discounts to stay on-property at Disney World.

There are other points exchange websites available as well, so you’re welcome to shop around, but we’ve never seen the need to as satisfied customers.


Short post I realize, but the best advice doesn’t have to take forever. It just has to be helpful.

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