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We’re the Aikens, a Florida-based family of travel and lifestyle digital content creators and influencer of who are taking you to do all the best things in all the best places all around Florida and beyond! We live on the Florida Treasure Coast and we love travel, food, and fun family experiences.

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What Clients Are Saying

Carson Springs Wildlife Foundation

We had a wonderful experience filming with Aiken Adventures. They were very professional and respectful of the animals. 

Christine Janks, President
Carson Springs Wildlife Foundation 

“It was a pleasure working with the Aiken family! Communication was easy and concise beforehand, and the tour of the Edison & Ford Estates went smoothly. They knew exactly what they wanted and were efficient and friendly throughout the way. Plus, the kids were adorable!” 

Breanna Petgrave | Edison & Ford Winter Estates

What Viewers Are Saying

I have plans to go to Orlando on Feb 2023 and your videos give me ideas of what to do at the International Drive,  that is why I follow you.

Johana P. | Panama 

I was so glad that I stumbled across one of AikenAdventures’ YouTube videos. Moving from NY, all we know is Disney and a couple of other parks because that’s where we only go when we come to FL. Watching AikenAdventures, we realized that there is so much more to discover in FL other than theme parks.  Planning had been so much easier because we get great recommendations as to where we can eat, what to do, or explore; and they always include kid friendly adventures, which is super important to us because we have a daughter close to Vivian’s age and she loves watching Vivian in the videos, too.  We binge-watched their uploads (really helpful and informative) when we first moved here. It’s been a year and hopefully we can now go to all the places they have explored. Thank you AikenAdventures! Keep on posting more FL fun videos.  

Mari Arcaina

Thanks to your videos, we were able to make the most of our trip Orlando in October 2022. We were able to prepare ahead for our visit to Legoland and the Orlando Science Centre and got great advice for the other time parks we visited! Thanks a lot Aiken Adventures for the excellent and informative content!

David L. | Trinidad & Tabago

Your channel has been super helpful to us. We visited Florida in May and got inspiration on places to go from your videos. Made for very enjoyable visit. We watch all your new content so we can see the places we missed on our next visit. Thank you, Aikens!

Elaine Carter | UK

Thanks to Aiken Adventures I have found a few filming locations for my own channel. Thanks again for the insight!

Roadie with Rich | YouTuber | Florida

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching AikenAdventures! I love being able to see the many places Florida has to offer that I probably wouldn’t have seen elsewhere. AikenAdventures brings Florida to life, so to speak, with upfront experiences and ideas for others to enjoy!

Jared and Mariah,
South Carolina

As a Florida native, I love keeping up with aikenadventures! Planning little weekend getaways has never been easier, because wherever we go we have so many options ranging from our big tourist attractions to the little hole-in-the-walls where we can relax and enjoy our home state. Thanks for everything y’all do!

October R.

We started watching Aiken Adventures because we were searching for a family safe, family oriented travel channel. Anthony and Alaina’s videos are very informative if you love to travel around Florida and especially if have little kids and and are on a budget. 
Our daughters (5 and 2), watch the episodes with us and it helps us decide where we would like to visit next. They even give us good tips on dining and shopping. 
Our daughters also love to watch – especially cute Vivian and adorable baby Pierce as they grow and experience their travel adventures. 
Anthony and Alaina aren’t afraid to include funny moments at times when things don’t always go according to plan. 
We highly recommend watching this fun and charming young family as they navigate their way across Florida and beyond.

Karen J.
Sarasota, FL

We are too old “plan” a vacation! BUT we love your videos! And it is great to watch your children grow up!! God Bless you ALL! LOVE AND PRAYERS!

Faye Hall
South Carolina

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