Best things to do in Vero Beach Florida


Vero Beach is a beautiful beach town in the heart of the Treasure Coast that provides fun things to do for all ages. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly activities or just want to unwind by the ocean, this destination has it all. 

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Jaycee Park

While you’re in Vero, be sure to head over to the beach for sure, but if you’re not sure about which beach to check out consider Jaycee Park.

Jaycee Park is a great choice if your interest is the beach and some exercise. There are different paths you can choose from to bike, jog, or just take a relaxing stroll. There are large open fields, picnic shelters, and restrooms. A playground and splash pad is available for the children, as well as a special area for your furry friends!

Ocean Drive

Looking to do a little shopping and dining while you’re at the beach? Ocean Drive is the place to check out if you’re looking for beachfront views, great places to eat, and a few shops. This is the perfect place to take a sunset stroll while grabbing ice cream from a local shop! There are also several resorts scattered throughout this district.

McKee Botanical Garden

McKee Botanical Garden is at the top of the list for best things to see in Vero Beach. It has thousands of beautiful flowers, plants, and trees that can be seen from the various paths that wind throughout the garden. This setting literally feels as though you have been transported form the continental United States to some place absolutely exotic!

Among one of Florida’s original tourist attractions, McKee used to be known as the McKee Jungle Gardens and was actually home to numerous monkeys. It unfortunately, fell into disrepair for a number of years when tourists were drawn away to some of the other newer attractions in Central Florida, but some committed folk came along and revitalized a large portion of the gardens which is still available for viewing today!

Over 10,000 native and tropical species of plants call McKee home, so slather on copious amounts of bug spray and take an exciting jungle hike through McKee! You won’t be disappointed!

The best part is that it is also kid-friendly. The brand new playground and splash pad area is sure to keep your little ones entertained!

McLarty Treasure Museum

During the age of exploration a few Spanish treasure ships sank off the coast of Florid in the coastal region now known as the “Florida Treasure Coast.” So named because these treasures had a way of washing up on shore occasionally. During the latter half of the 20th century Mel fisher and other treasure hunters plunged to the depths of the ocean to recover many of these treasures, which are now displayed in various museums around the world.

In Vero Beach, the McLarty Treasure Museum is home to more than 2,000 artifacts from some of history’s greatest lost shipwrecks, including Spanish treasure galleons from 1554 and 1715. The McLarty collection also includes gold bars found on ships sunk by German U-boats during World War II, as well as luxury items recovered from ships that sank during hurricanes in 1926 and 1928. Visitors can learn more about these historic treasures by speaking with one of the museum’s knowledgeable staff members who are also available for tours seven days a week.

VBMA-Vero Beach Museum of Art

The VBMA is located near downtown Vero Beach and has a large collection of paintings and sculptures. The museum has two galleries on the first floor and one gallery on the second floor. The galleries are well lit and spacious, so it’s easy for everyone to enjoy. There are some interesting things to see here, for sure!

Riverside Theatre

The Riverside Theatre was built in 1928 and still stands today as a historical landmark in Vero Beach. The theater has a seating capacity of over 1,200 people, making it the ideal place to see live music or dance performances. It hosts concerts on a regular basis, including local bands and musicians as well as national acts. The venue is also open to other types of events such as plays and movies. 

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Vero Beach Outlets

The Vero Beach Outlets are a good choice if you’re looking to do some light shopping. They feature brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, and Michael Kors. The outlets are located in a beautiful park-like setting with the fountains scattered throughout, which makes it a pleasant place to walk around.

Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, Indian River Citrus Museum

Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge is the place to go if you love nature. When visiting the refuge, you will more than likely see various types of birds and even sea turtles. The Citrus Museum will teach you all about citrus fruit, which happened to be the main industry of Vero Beach in the early 20th century.


Vero Beach is a city that’s rich in culture, history and natural beauty. Whether you want to spend your day exploring the beautiful beaches, or visiting the exotic McKee Botanical Garden, we know you’ll enjoy your time here. We hope this list was helpful in discovering the best things to do in Vero Beach Florida.

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