Our Favorite Things To Do In Stuart, Florida

Stuart, Florida

On AikenAdventures, a visit back again to certain places is often in order. Despite a previous visit here to Stuart, Florida, we decided to visit again, just to see what has changed and some new things. Stuart is best known for it’s downtown area, beaches, and the Marriott Golf Resort. Located on Florida’s Treasure Coast. It is situated just south of Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie, and Jensen Beach, and is just north of Hobe Sound and Jupiter, Florida, so there are plenty of other things to do in the surrounding areas.

Stuart, Florida currently has a population of roughly 17,500 people. During this visit we took in the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center, Southern Pig & Cattle Restaurant, and the Elliott Museum. There are tons of other things to do in Stuart, FL, but these are the ones we viewed this particular visit.

Best Things to do in Stuart, Florida

            1.         Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center

            2.         Southern Pig & Cattle Smokehouse & Grille

            3.         Elliott Museum

Best Things to do in Stuart, Florida

Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center

            The Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center is a 57-acre educational and research site with nature trails, a lagoon, and saltwater tanks. Located at 890 NE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL, this center is dedicated to the research and advocacy of Florida wildlife through educational programs and exhibits. People who visit can interact with the Stingray Tank, and the Invertebrate Touch Tank, which has sea urchin, sea cucumber and crabs. They can also explore the nature trails through the mangrove forest where they teach ecological programs about sea turtles, local sharks, and game fish, in Gamefish Lagoon, the 750,000 lagoon. Also, there is the Ocean EcoCenter, a 5000 sq ft area that houses 2000 gallons of aquariums showing local fish and invertebrates, such as seahorses and octopi, and educational games and interactive displays. And of course, there was the gift shop!

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Best Things to do in Stuart, Florida

Southern Pig & Cattle Smokehouse & Grille

            The Southern Pig & Cattle Smokehouse & Grille is a restaurant well known in Stuart, and Ocala, FL for their Grade A steaks, BBQ pork, premium smoked meats, and Endless Salad Bar. Located in Stuart at 2583 SE Federal Hwy, this restaurant chain has been in business for over 40 years, founded by the Tomlinson and Nolan families. It is reminiscent of the days of the cattle ranchers with their Southern fare, such as fried okra. Definitely,  a place worth visiting for a hearty meal. The Aiken family enjoyed the soup and salad and the fried okra!

Elliott Museum

            The Elliott Museum is located in Stuart in Marion County, Florida. Located at 8325 NE Ocean Blvd, The museum offers local history exhibits, temporary exhibits and a variety of collections of vintage cars, baseball, artwork, American, and so much more. Upon arrival, the younger Aiken was given a scavenger hunt game to engage her with the exhibits, which excited her greatly. The item on the list that most excited her was a vintage, giant dollhouse, which enthralled when it was finally found (I won’t give away the location, though!) There were baseball cards, cars, buses, motorcycles, so much more, even a vintage car “vending machine.” You could name a vintage car you would like to see and the person operating the machine would load the car onto a rack and it would shift it to a viewing area for you. There was a dress up play area, where you could dress up in vintage clothing, a giant music box, and a general store display, fully stocked with vintage products that would have been sold in olden days. There were Lincoln logs, a hobby horse, and other interactive, vintage toys for children to play with.  Behind the museum was a beachside park, which had a family favorite, a playground! All in all, a very educational and interesting place to visit.


            All in all, Stuart, Florida is a charming town to visit, with many things to do that are not mentioned in this article. We only mentioned the few places that AikenAdventures got to visit this trip.

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